Harpos Salon - Harpo's in King of Prussia is a CHEAT

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments

I had a perm at Harpo's in King of Prussia, PA last Sunday.On a scale from 1-5, I would give it a 3 on the job done.

I felt very strange when Ed or the cashier would NOT give me an ITEMISED bill on how they charged me $104.54! They would not even tell me in words! The cashier said that was HOW they did it! I only had a partial perm (on the crown) and cut and Ed told me I would get a 10% discount???

He also 'forced' me to get a bottle of 'portion 9' for moisturing my hair?? I should have rejected it, no use for my hair! There was a sticker saying '10' on it, too expensive!

I must say Harpo's management is not honest if they allow their staff to act like that.Hope someone from their management READS this!

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